March 25, 2002
I’m writing to let you know how much we enjoy your bacon & sausages etc. We’ve never had a bacon or meat product we didn’t enjoy… Thanks for your super good meat. May your business grow and keep up the great work.
Wilma M
Nanaimo, BC

July 13, 2001
I am writing to say we are great fans of your sausages. My problem is that they sell out so quickly I have to go to the store often to make sure I get some! I grew up in Alberni, my Father being in business there for many years and my parents knew Mr. Hertel’s father. That’s not why I like your sausages so much, I just like them, but it also pleases me to support a business in the Alberni Valley.
Yours truly,
Miriam H
Victoria, BC

March 23, 2001
Thank you for the prominent ingredients printed out on your Brand name label. Would you please let me know where I can buy your products as they often sell out at the store I use… On occasion I have bought other brands and everytime returned them. I commented to the meat manager how I appreciate the Hertel label clearly listing the ingredients AND what is not in the sausages and that it is totally a BC product.
Again, thank you for a good tasting, safe product.
Em T
Vancouver, BC

Dec 10, 1998
We have been enjoying your Hertel sausages for some time now. We are finding that we are unable to always purchase them at our usual store and would like to know what outlets you sell your products through. We would appreciate being able to purchase them again.
Yours sincerely,
Aileen A
Kamloops, BC

June 1, 1999
For some years now you have made it possible for allergic people like myself to enjoy a good breakfast sausage. Your products, gluten & dairy free, no MSG, no preservatives are something special.
Thanks so much for making this product
Sincerely yours,
Nina C
Chilliwack, BC

January 15, 1994
I am writing to obtain some information regarding your Hertel’s Pure Pork Sausage. We visited Vancouver Island last week and had the opportunity of eating your sausages. We found them excellent in taste and quality. My Husband can have no grain products as he has an allergy to gluten. We wish to purchase some sausages, could you advise as to cost and mode of transportation to us?
Yours Truly
Patricia V
Princeton, BC

October 02, 1993
I am pleased to write this note to heartily commend your fine bacon and ham. They are a true delight, all the more appreciated by being a BC product.
Lorraine L
Delta, BC

December 03, 1998
I have been purchasing your Pork Sausage in South Surrey, BC. Apart from being a very tasty and enjoyable product, the absence of wheat products means that your product is one I can have because of a dietary restriction. Could you give us the names and addresses of other retailers in the Lower Mainland who carry your products?
Thank you,
Betty O
Surrey, BC